The WCRX Team

WCRX-FM hosts bring their personality, knowledge and passion for radio to their shows. Each student spends several semesters developing their radio talents before coming on air.

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Nick Stround | Music Director

Nick is the Music Director of WCRX. He comes to the job with a rich knowledge of and love for music. Nick is a Junior studying Radio.

If you have a song you want to hear, email our music director at


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Ryan Pollock | Public Affairs Director

Ryan is the Public Affairs Director for WCRX. He oversees our public affairs programming at the station, our Saturday talk show Public Service Announcement, and hosts Podcast Broadcast on Sundays. He grew up with Radio, with a father who received his degree in Radio from Columbia College Chicago. He is a junior studying Music. You can see him around town performing at open mic nights.

Listen to Ryan on Podcast Broadcast, Sundays 10 a.m. to noon and 6–8 p.m or on The Ryan Pollock Show, Wednesdays 7 p.m to 9 p.m.

Instagram: @RyanPollockMusic
Facebook: @RyanPollockMusic


Ashlyn Jensen

Ashlyn Jensen is a senior at Columbia College Chicago majoring in PR and minoring in Radio, hoping to one day be an on-air personality. She has previously worked at Harper and Parkland Community Colleges radio stations where she hosted her own show. She loves pretty much all types of music and all things Chicago and pop culture.

Ashlyn first became interested in radio while going on road trips with her family when she was a kid. When she’s not at school or working, Ashlyn loves to spend her rare free time traveling, cooking and bingeing some Netflix.

You can tune in to her show Mondays 7PM to 9PM.

Instagram: @ashlynjensen

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Ethan Anderson

Ethan Anderson is a senior Radio student from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, who very much enjoys living in the big city. Ethan enjoys many things, including sports and music. While he loves all different kinds of music and loves most sports, he particularly enjoys Football, Classic Rock and Pop. When he is not on the radio, or grinding out his homework, you will often find Ethan jamming out to Ariana Grande, checking his fantasy football lineup or playing super smash bros with his friends.

Fridays 10AM to 1PM
Instagram: @EAnderson69

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Matthew Arnashus

Monday 7–11 AM

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Ian Devitt

Ian Devitt is a senior Audio Design and Production Major student with a Radio Minor from Oak Park, IL. He’s a dedicated audio engineer whose passion for quality content shows both on the mic and behind the board. When he’s not on the air, you can find Ian riding his bike on the lake front trail or playing Super Smash Bros.

Hear Ian Thursday 10AM to 1PM

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Izzy E

Isabella Eliopulos, or Izzy E, is a senior Radio major at Columbia College Chicago. She produces a podcast for AUX Chicago called In the Green Room, a show that explores the intimate moments and conversations that happen before and after a performance. Chicago’s musicians and performers of all kinds come on the show and share their stories. Isabella has been lucky to sit in on those conversations, be inspired by the guests and gain production experience along the way. Izzy E is excited to play today’s top hits on WCRX on Thursday afternoons from 4-7.

Twitter: @feeeling_lucky
Instagram: @isabellaeliopulos

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Case Lowe

Case Lowe is too artsy to be a jock, but too jock to be an artist. Born and raised in Fishers, Indiana, Case has always been interested in communicating with people of all interests, backgrounds, and age groups. When he’s not on the air at WCRX (Monday’s 1-4), you can find him watching Indiana Pacers basketball with The Smiths softly playing in the background. Case has also been covering the world of Japanese professional wrestling at for nearly half a decade.

Every Monday 1PM to 4PM

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Briscel Martinez

Born in the heart of Los Angeles but who’s heart is in the city of Chicago, Bris is a 5 foot 4 hot headed Latina with a lot on her mind and a mouth that can talk for hours. She is host of 88.1 WCRX Wednesday morning radio show, Spicy Mommy Mornings.

Music has always been a big part of her life, from waking up to traditional Hispanic music blasting through the speakers every Saturday morning to playing the trumpet in her school’s band. Bris cannot wait to share a little bit of her culture to everyone every Wednesday from 7AM to 10 AM.

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Amy Mercado

Chicago born and raised Amy Mercado has a big heart for music and social media. Her Puerto Rican self loves to show her Latin side and show others new songs that not many have heard about like k-pop. This music enthusiast will be playing tons of genres of music and will be talking about all things pop-culture and get the inside scoop of your favorite social media influencers.

Mondays 4 to 7PM

Instagram: @AmyMercado

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Blaise Mesa

Blaise is the digital editor at large for the Columbia Chronicle. This is his second semester as the host of Chronicle Headlines, where he interviews Chronicle reporters and editors about the stories on the pages of the weekly award-winning publication. Besides Headlines, Blaise hosted our 2018 election night coverage and the 2019 Chicago city elections. Blaise is a junior in Broadcast Journalism.

Blaise hosts every Wednesday 10AM to 1PM

Twitter: @Blaise_Mesa

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Camron Miller

Camron was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago. At Columbia College he is a Radio major and journalism minor entering his senior year of school. He’s not shy to working on WCRX as he was a resident live DJ during the midday lunch mix on the station weekdays at noon.

You can catch his show “Flashback Fridays,” every Friday 7 to 10AM on WCRX 88.1 FM and tune in to hear the “90’s at 9” and Columbia’s very own artists freestyle over a classic hip hop beat.

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Alex Moric

Fridays 1 to 4PM


Jori Roberts

Jori Roberts aka Jo-Solo was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago. Her motto for life is good vibes. That is exactly what she brings in her radio show here on WCRX. Jo had every intention of being a criminal lawyer, but her mother gave her a wakeup call, making her realize that her talent is her personality and it was what radio needed to hear. Columbia was just the place to show that talent.

She is currently a sophomore with a major in Radio and minor in Music Business here at Columbia College Chicago. Jori’s comes to WCRX with experience co-hosting a radio show with her dear friend Nick Fine$$e. In the future she plans to have her own radio show on one of Chicago’s hip pop radio stations or to manage artists in the music world.

You can hear Jori every Wednesday 4 to 7PM.

Instagram: @_josolo

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Zach Scheffer

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Alex Stepanek

Alex Stepanek is new to the world of Radio here in Chicago. Back home in Michigan, he is a producer and House Announcer for 93.1 WMPA. He’s thrilled to be getting his fresh, professional start on 88.1 WCRX. Voice Acting is his passion, so he’s ambitious to get his vocal chords going on his comedic morning show, Mondays from 10-1 on WCRX.

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Eddie Weissfeld

Eddie is a junior radio major at Columbia College Chicago. He currently hosts an afternoon show called Walkman Wednesdays . When Eddie isn’t on the air at WCRX, he’s working on the KQX Morning Crew show over at 101.1 WKQX. In the future, Eddie Hopes to have his own talk show someday as well as his very own podcasting network.

Join Eddie every Wednesday 1 to 4PM


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Michael Witek

Michael Witek is currently a senior at Columbia College Chicago, but that's not all he does. He also works crazy hours as well as an assistant to pre-k classes at Chicago Public Schools, pushing in carts at Target, or even cutting promos as an intern at WCPT 820. He loves anything nerdy and off the wall, and long walks on the beach for the ladies out there. Call the station if this handsome fellow is of any interest, and listen to him on Thursdays from 1pm-4pm on 88.1 WCRXFM.

She is on WCRX every Thursdays 1 to 4PM


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Danny Woodruff

Danny Woodruff started his radio career in 2010 when he became afternoon host on Freedom Radio AFN Iraq. Eventually he started a Saturday morning show called Nerdvana. In 2012 he moved on to becoming the afternoon host at AFN Vicenza in Italy. When he left the service, he began studying radio at Columbia College Chicago.

Tuesdays 1 to 4PM